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Hall of Fame . . . some fun statistics from the Mycota

# of RecordsTurkeytail (1,252)Felthorpe Woods (4,643)Betula (2,992)R.E. Evans (37,571)
Hairy Curtain Crust (1,229)Wheatfen, Surlingham (4,350)Quercus (2,914)foray (11,692)
Sulphur Tuft (1,179)Holt Country Park (2,446)Fagus (1,224)Jenny Kelly (10,281)
# of SitesSulphur Tuft (341)N/AQuercus (317)R.E. Evans (313)
Turkeytail (339)N/ABetula (233)T.W. Dove (218)
Hairy Curtain Crust (333)N/AAcer pseudoplatanus (193)Tony Leech (170)
# of FindersJelly Ear (74)Holkham Meals West (71)Quercus (124)N/A
Sulphur Tuft (73)Swanton Novers Great Wood (53)Betula (121)N/A
Blushing Bracket (66)Wheatfen, Surlingham (49)Pinus (90)N/A
# of SpeciesN/AWheatfen, Surlingham (1,354)Quercus (458)R.E. Evans (1,922)
N/ASwanton Novers Great Wood (769)Fagus (382)Stewart Wright (1,406)
N/AFelthorpe Woods (765)Betula (380)E.A. Ellis (1,188)

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