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Michelle Hoare
Michelle Hoare

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Lenwade, Dinosaur Park TG1017Norwich city TG16680945Wheatfen, Surlingham TG3205Whitlingham CP and Broad TG2507


4 records of 4 different species from 4 different sites
Years (# of records): 2009 (1) 2014 (1) 2018 (1) 2022 (1)

Record Details

18/10/2009 Allopsalliota geesterani; Whitlingham CP and Broad; TG2507; Salix; soil; Michelle Hoare; Michelle Hoare; Tony Leech
13/09/2014 Calocera viscosa; Lenwade, Dinosaur Park; TG1017; Michelle Hoare; Michelle Hoare
01/02/2018 Terana coerulea; Norwich city; TG16680945; Tim Kemp; Michelle Hoare; Tony Leech
31/10/2022 Pappia fissilis; Wheatfen, Surlingham; TG3205; Fraxinus excelsior; dead trunk; Michelle Hoare; Anne Crotty; Neil Mahler; "Lit. cited"

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