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Martin Collier
Martin Collier

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Barney Wood TF9832Cromer TG228410Sandringham Estate TF6928West Tofts (STANTA) TL8392


5 records of 5 different species from 4 different sites
Years (# of records): 2014 (1) 2017 (1) 2023 (3)

Record Details

21/08/2014 Crepidotus caspari; West Tofts (STANTA); TL8392; Tilia; twig; Martin Collier; Tony Leech
10/04/2017 Lepiota pseudolilacea; Cromer; TG228410; Yucca; soil; Martin Collier; Tony Leech; "in plant pot"
16/04/2023 Exidia glandulosa; Sandringham Estate; TF6928; Quercus; dead branch; Martin Collier; Steve Pinnington
16/04/2023 Pleurotus ostreatus; Sandringham Estate; TF6928; Fagus sylvatica; trunk; Martin Collier; Anne Crotty
21/10/2023 Scleroderma verrucosum; Barney Wood; TF9832; soil; Martin Collier; Jenny Kelly

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