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M.B. Ellis
M.B. Ellis

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Redgrave and Lopham Fen TM0479Wayland Wood, Watton TL9299Wheatfen, Surlingham TG3205


5 records of 5 different species from 3 different sites
Years (# of records): 1946 (1) 1957 (2) 1978 (2)

Record Details

22/09/1946 Phaeoisaria clavulata; Wheatfen, Surlingham; TG3205; Sambucus nigra; E.A. Ellis; M.B. Ellis
22/04/1957 Cephalotrichum stemonitis; Wheatfen, Surlingham; TG3205; plywood; E.A. Ellis; M.B. Ellis
27/04/1957 Helminthosporium velutinum; Wheatfen, Surlingham; TG3205; Myrica gale; E.A. Ellis; M.B. Ellis
15/07/1978 Byssonectria tetraspora; Redgrave and Lopham Fen; TM0479; M.B. Ellis; M.B. Ellis; R.E. Evans; "On wet soil"
17/07/1978 Phialina flaveola; Wayland Wood, Watton; TL9299; Pteridium; stem, dead; R.E. Evans; R.E. Evans; M.B. Ellis

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