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Jo Parmenter
Jo Parmenter

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Burnham Norton TF823445Norwich city TG248065Rockland All Saints TL978964Sprowston TG25491246


4 records of 3 different species from 4 different sites
Years (# of records): 2017 (1) 2023 (3)

Record Details

18/11/2017 Tulostoma brumale; Sprowston; TG25491246; soil, turf; Jo Parmenter; Mary Ghullam; Tony Leech; "7 fbs on roadside verge"
04/03/2023 Coleroa circinans; Rockland All Saints; TL978964; Geranium rotundifolium; living leaf; Jo Parmenter; Ian Senior
24/08/2023 Claviceps nigricans; Burnham Norton; TF823445; Eleocharis palustris; flower; Jo Parmenter; Ian Senior
07/12/2023 Coleroa circinans; Norwich city; TG248065; Geranium rotundifolium; living leaf; Jo Parmenter; Ian Senior

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