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James Cordeaux
James Cordeaux

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Norwich city TG200079Taverham TG168147


4 records of 3 different species from 2 different sites
Years (# of records): 2022 (2) 2023 (2)

Record Details

01/09/2022 Ganoderma resinaceum; Norwich city; TG200079; Quercus rubra; buried stump; James Cordeaux; Anne Crotty
28/11/2022 Mycena olida; Norwich city; TG201079; Acer; James Cordeaux; Jeremy Bartlett; "formerly Mycena olida. Habitat noted as moss covered bark on living maple tree"
01/06/2023 Clathrus ruber; Taverham; TG168147; soil; James Cordeaux; James Cordeaux
25/08/2023 Clathrus ruber; Taverham; TG169146; enriched soil; James Cordeaux; James Cordeaux; Jeremy Bartlett; "Known site - third fruitbody in two years, in different parts of same garden"

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