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Gary Hibberd
Gary Hibberd

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Blackborough End TF6714Burnham Market TF834427Grimston Warren TF6721Holme Dunes TF715449


5 records of 5 different species from 4 different sites
Years (# of records): 2009 (1) 2015 (1) 2020 (2) 2023 (1)

Record Details

10/03/2009 Geastrum floriforme; Holme Dunes; TF715449; Gary Hibberd; Trevor Dove
16/12/2015 Poronia punctata; Grimston Warren; TF6721; pony; dung; Gary Hibberd; Robert Smith
04/02/2020 Illosporiopsis christiansenii; Blackborough End; TF6714; Xanthoria parietina; lichen thallus; Gary Hibberd; Tony Leech
04/02/2020 Tremella mesenterica; Blackborough End; TF6714; Salix; dead wood (attached); Gary Hibberd; Tony Leech
20/03/2023 Telogalla olivieri; Burnham Market; TF834427; Xanthoria parietina; thallus; Gary Hibberd; Gary Hibberd

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