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Brian Douglas
Brian Douglas

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Holkham Meals West TF893453Norwich city TG228085Sculthorpe TF898308Stiffkey TF964439Wheatfen, Surlingham TG3205


6 records of 6 different species from 5 different sites
Years (# of records): 2020 (2) 2021 (2) 2022 (2)

Record Details

25/03/2020 Albugo hohenheimia; Sculthorpe; TF898308; Cardamine hirsuta; living leaf; Marilyn Abdulla; Brian Douglas; "GR TF89853086"
13/10/2020 Geastrum minimum; Holkham Meals West; TF893453; soil; Mike Ball; Mike Ball; Brian Douglas
26/02/2021 Albugo candida; Sculthorpe; TF90263076; Capsella bursa-pastoris; living leaf; Marilyn Abdulla; Brian Douglas; "Covering a small plant in field gateway (photo & specimen retained)"
16/09/2021 Ampelomyces quisqualis; Norwich city; TG228085; Erysiphe knautiae; fungus; James Emerson; Brian Douglas; "Additional notes made"
08/03/2022 Rhopographus filicinus; Wheatfen, Surlingham; TG3205; Brian Douglas; Brian Douglas; DNA barcoded; Genbank:OR999127
21/07/2022 Uromyces chenopodii-fruticosi; Stiffkey; TF964439; Suaeda vera; leaves; Jeremy Bartlett; Brian Douglas; Brian Douglas; "Additional notes made"

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