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Ashwellthorpe Lower Wood TM13949779Beeston Regis Common TG1642Blakeney Point TF9946Colney TG18270772Hethersett TG157048Holme Dunes TF7144Kelling TG09874287Norwich, Earlham Cemetery East TG212087Sculthorpe Moor (Hawk & Owl Trust) TF9030Wheatfen, Surlingham TG3205Wymondham College TM0798


15 records of 14 different species from 11 different sites
Years (# of records): 2007 (1) 2008 (1) 2011 (1) 2013 (2) 2014 (2) 2015 (2) 2016 (1) 2019 (3) 2020 (1) 2022 (1)

Record Details

18/11/2007 Ganoderma applanatum; Ashwellthorpe Lower Wood; TM1498; Pinus sylvestris; Anne Edwards; A.R. Leech; "with galls"
09/09/2008 Tuber macrosporum; Hethersett; TG158049; Anne Edwards; Tracy Money
01/12/2011 Cortinarius pratensis; Blakeney Point; TF9946; Carex arenaria; sand; Tony Leech; Tony Leech; Anne Edwards; "Redetermined from C. croceoconus (FM 2017 18:78). K(M)234091"; DNA barcoded; Genbank:KY857923
21/09/2013 Hymenoscyphus albidus; Sculthorpe Moor (Hawk & Owl Trust); TF9030; Fraxinus; dead leaf stalk; Adrian Winnington; Anne Edwards; DNA barcoded
05/12/2013 Typhula phacorrhiza; Beeston Regis Common; TG1642; Fraxinus; soil; Francis Farrow; Anne Edwards; "FM (2014) 15 p.47"; DNA barcoded
04/03/2014 Geopora sumneriana; Colney; TG18270772; Cedrus; soil; Anne Edwards; Anne Edwards
00/10/2014 Cortinarius pratensis; Holme Dunes; TF7144; Carex arenaria; soil, sand; Philip Amies; Tony Leech; Anne Edwards; "See FM 2017 18:78. K(M)234090"; DNA barcoded; Genbank:KY857924
00/02/2015 Sarcoscypha austriaca; Wheatfen, Surlingham; TG3205; Anne Edwards; Tony Leech; "Rather different from S. austriaca"; DNA barcoded
16/08/2015 Battarrea phalloides; Kelling; TG09874287; soil; Anne Edwards; Tony Leech
20/05/2016 Melanoleuca verrucipes; Wymondham College; TM0798; wood chips; Tracy Money; Anne Edwards; DNA barcoded
21/01/2019 Monilinia johnsonii; Ashwellthorpe Lower Wood; TM13949779; Crataegus monogyna; living leaf; Anne Edwards; Anne Edwards; "Anamorph"
21/01/2019 Taphrina pruni; Hethersett; TG15980496; Prunus domestica; living fruit; Anne Edwards; Anne Edwards
03/11/2019 Mycosymbioces mycenophila; Norwich, Earlham Cemetery East; TG212087; Lepista ovispora; living fungus; Ian Senior; Anne Edwards; "Edwards et al. Field Mycology (2020) 21:119-122"; DNA barcoded; Genbank:MT671361
29/03/2020 Dumontinia tuberosa; Ashwellthorpe Lower Wood; TM141979; Anemone nemorosa; soil; Anne Edwards; Anne Edwards
24/11/2022 Parasola conopilea; Hethersett; TG157048; soil; Anne Edwards; Anne Edwards; Jeremy Bartlett

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