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Records verified with DNA barcoding

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Alderfen Broad TG3519Ashwellthorpe Lower Wood TM1397Barney Wood TF986328Beeston Regis Common TG1642Blakeney Point TF9946Briston Common TG062307Cranwich, Watermill Broad pits TL774955East Ruston TG364288East Wretham Heath TL9088Foxley Wood TG0422Glandford, Bayfield Estate TG048405Hethersett TG159051Hickling Broad TG4222Holme Dunes TF7144Holt Lowes TG0837Horsford, Broadland Country Park TG1716Little Plumstead TG3111Martham, Common Road Smee TG437179Melton Constable TG049329North Burlingham Woods TG3610Norwich, Earlham Cemetery East TG212087Norwich, Earlham Cemetery West TG204088Potter Heigham TG430204Rollesby, Trinity Broads TG4615Sandringham Estate TF696285Sculthorpe Moor (Hawk & Owl Trust) TF9030Sutton Fen TG371228Trowse Woods TG252066Upton Fen TG38091377Wheatfen, Surlingham TG3205Wymondham College TM0798


43 records of 40 different species from 31 different sites
Years (# of records): 2011 (1) 2013 (3) 2014 (1) 2015 (1) 2016 (2) 2017 (1) 2018 (2) 2019 (5) 2020 (2) 2021 (7) 2022 (16) 2023 (2)

40 Fungal Taxa have been DNA barcoded

Amanita olivaceogrisea (1 record)
Ampulloclitocybe clavipes (1 record)
Buchwaldoboletus lignicola (1 record)
Conocybe aurea (1 record)
Coprinellus velatopruinatus (1 record)
Coprinopsis lagopus (2 records)
Coprinopsis pseudonivea (1 record)
Coprinopsis radiata (1 record)
Coprinopsis urticicola (1 record)
Cortinarius epipurrus (1 record)
Cortinarius hirtus (1 record)
Cortinarius pratensis (2 records)
Entoloma conferendum var. pusillum (1 record)
Entoloma pleopodium (1 record)
Entoloma ventricosum (1 record)
Hymenoscyphus albidus (1 record)
Hymenoscyphus fraxineus (1 record)
Hypoxylon rubiginosum (1 record)
Ileodictyon cibarium (1 record)
Inocybe helobia (1 record)
Inocybe pluppiana (1 record)
Lactarius omphaliiformis (1 record)
Lepista saeva (1 record)
Marasmius wynneae (1 record)
Melanoleuca verrucipes (1 record)
Mycena citrinomarginata (1 record)
Mycena hiemalis (1 record)
Mycena speirea (1 record)
Mycosymbioces mycenophila (2 records)
Pluteus semibulbosus (1 record)
Psathyrella lutensis (1 record)
Psathyrella microrhiza (1 record)
Psathyrella tenuicula (1 record)
Psathyrella thujina (1 record)
Rhodocollybia butyracea (1 record)
Rhopographus filicinus (1 record)
Rickenella fibula (1 record)
Sarcoscypha austriaca (1 record)
Tarzetta alnicola (1 record)
Typhula phacorrhiza (1 record)

Record Details

01/12/2011 Cortinarius pratensis; Blakeney Point; TF9946; Carex arenaria; sand; Tony Leech; Tony Leech; Anne Edwards; "Redetermined from C. croceoconus (FM 2017 18:78). K(M)234091. Genbank KY857923"
29/06/2013 Hymenoscyphus fraxineus; Foxley Wood; TG0422; Fraxinus; dead petiole; Joseph Hubbard; Anne Crotty; "DNA sequenced"
21/09/2013 Hymenoscyphus albidus; Sculthorpe Moor (Hawk & Owl Trust); TF9030; Fraxinus; dead leaf stalk; Adrian Winnington; Anne Edwards; "DNA sequenced"
05/12/2013 Typhula phacorrhiza; Beeston Regis Common; TG1642; Fraxinus; soil; Francis Farrow; Anne Edwards; "DNA sequenced. FM (2014) 15 p.47"
00/10/2014 Cortinarius pratensis; Holme Dunes; TF7144; Carex arenaria; soil, sand; Philip Amies; Tony Leech; Anne Edwards; "See FM 2017 18:78. K(M)234090. Genbank KY857924"
00/02/2015 Sarcoscypha austriaca; Wheatfen, Surlingham; TG3205; Anne Edwards; Tony Leech; "DNA sequenced. Rather different from S. austriaca"
20/05/2016 Melanoleuca verrucipes; Wymondham College; TM0798; wood chips; Tracy Money; Anne Edwards; "DNA sequenced"
15/10/2016 Ampulloclitocybe clavipes; Barney Wood; TF986328; Yvonne Mynett; Yvonne Mynett; "DNA sequenced"
06/03/2017 Ileodictyon cibarium; Hethersett; TG159051; soil, turf; John Alban; Tony Leech; "DNA confirmed by Kew"
11/06/2018 Psathyrella thujina; Hickling Broad; TG4222; Yvonne Mynett; Yvonne Mynett; "DNA sequenced"
21/07/2018 Inocybe pluppiana; Sutton Fen; TG371228; Salix; wet soil; Yvonne Mynett; Ditte Bandini; "DNA sequenced by Ditte Bandini and matched by Eric Janke to I. pluppiana. Association noted as Salix/Phragmites australis."
03/11/2019 Mycosymbioces mycenophila; Norwich, Earlham Cemetery East; TG212087; Lepista ovispora; living fungus; Ian Senior; Anne Edwards; "DNA sequenced. Edwards et al. Field Mycology (2020) 21:119-122. Genbank MT671361"
06/11/2019 Lepista saeva; Ashwellthorpe Lower Wood; TM1397; Mycosymbioces mycenophila; soil; Andy Gardiner; Tracy Money; "DNA sequenced. Edwards et al. Field Mycology (2020) 21:119-122"
06/11/2019 Mycosymbioces mycenophila; Ashwellthorpe Lower Wood; TM1397; Lepista saeva; living fungus; Andy Gardiner; Tracy Money; "DNA sequenced. Edwards et al. Field Mycology (2020) 21:119-122. Genbank MT671360"
06/11/2019 Coprinopsis lagopus; North Burlingham Woods; TG3610; Yvonne Mynett; Yvonne Mynett; "DNA sequenced"
17/11/2019 Mycena hiemalis; Martham, Common Road Smee; TG437179; Salix; trunk, mossy; Yvonne Mynett; Yvonne Mynett
27/08/2020 Inocybe helobia; Sutton Fen; TG372228; Alnus glutinosa; soil; Yvonne Mynett; Yvonne Mynett; "DNA sequenced"
20/10/2020 Marasmius wynneae; Trowse Woods; TG252066; Yvonne Mynett; Yvonne Mynett; "DNA sequenced"
05/09/2021 Mycena speirea; Upton Fen; TG38091377; Tony Leech; Tony Leech; "DNA sequenced"
20/09/2021 Pluteus semibulbosus; Potter Heigham; TG430204; Yvonne Mynett; Yvonne Mynett; "DNA sequenced. New for Norfolk"
03/10/2021 Amanita olivaceogrisea; Wheatfen, Surlingham; TG325055; Betula; leaf litter; Keri Robinson; Tony Leech; "DNA sequenced. Corylus and Alnus also present."
16/10/2021 Rhodocollybia butyracea; Horsford, Broadland Country Park; TG181174; Tony Leech; Tony Leech; "DNA sequenced"
22/10/2021 Entoloma pleopodium; East Ruston; TG364288; woodchip; Yvonne Mynett; Yvonne Mynett; "Woodchip from exotic trees"
08/12/2021 Mycena citrinomarginata; Norwich, Earlham Cemetery West; TG204088; Pinus sylvestris; buried wood; Ian Senior; Ian Senior; Yvonne Mynett; "DNA sequenced"
24/12/2021 Psathyrella microrhiza; Norwich, Earlham Cemetery West; TG204088; wood chips; Ian Senior; Tony Leech; "DNA sequenced, March 2022. Aberrant specimens."
01/01/2022 Psathyrella tenuicula; Horsford, Broadland Country Park; TG177172; deer; dung; Mark Joy; NFSG DNA Team; Derek Schafer; "DNA sequenced. Collected 1st Jan 22, incubated 12th Jan."
08/03/2022 Rhopographus filicinus; Wheatfen, Surlingham; TG3205; Brian Douglas; Brian Douglas; "DNA sequenced"
09/03/2022 Coprinopsis pseudonivea; East Wretham Heath; TL9088; Yvonne Mynett; Yvonne Mynett; "DNA sequenced"
09/03/2022 Coprinopsis radiata; East Wretham Heath; TL9088; Yvonne Mynett; Yvonne Mynett; "DNA sequenced"
16/04/2022 Entoloma ventricosum; Alderfen Broad; TG3519; Phragmites australis; soil; Yvonne Mynett; Yvonne Mynett; "DNA sequenced"
18/04/2022 Coprinellus velatopruinatus; Glandford, Bayfield Estate; TG048405; compost in plant pot; Tony Leech; Tony Leech; "DNA sequenced. Attached to woodchip. Lit. cited."
14/05/2022 Hypoxylon rubiginosum; Cranwich, Watermill Broad pits; TL774955; Tony Leech; Tony Leech; "DNA sequenced"
18/06/2022 Rickenella fibula; Holt Lowes; TG0837; Neil Mahler; Neil Mahler; "DNA sequenced"
11/07/2022 Coprinopsis urticicola; Wheatfen, Surlingham; TG32600564; Yvonne Mynett; Yvonne Mynett; "DNA sequenced"
11/08/2022 Coprinopsis lagopus; Wheatfen, Surlingham; TG326055; Tony Leech; Tony Leech; "DNA sequenced"
19/08/2022 Tarzetta alnicola; Rollesby, Trinity Broads; TG4615; Alnus glutinosa; soil; Yvonne Mynett; Yvonne Mynett; "DNA sequenced. First for Britain"
19/08/2022 Lactarius omphaliiformis; Rollesby, Trinity Broads; TG467150; Yvonne Mynett; Yvonne Mynett; "DNA sequenced"
17/09/2022 Entoloma conferendum var. pusillum; Horsford, Broadland Country Park; TG1716; soil; Yvonne Mynett; Yvonne Mynett; "DNA sequenced. Compartment 6. "
17/09/2022 Psathyrella lutensis; Horsford, Broadland Country Park; TG1717; Yvonne Mynett; Yvonne Mynett
02/10/2022 Cortinarius epipurrus; Little Plumstead; TG3111; Quercus; soil; Jodie Humphrey; Tony Leech; "Lit. cited; Betula also present; 100% DNA barcode match with holotype"
18/10/2022 Cortinarius hirtus; Briston Common; TG062307; Pinus sylvestris; soil; Donna Welch; Tony Leech; "Lit. cited; 100% DNA barcode match with holotype."
14/09/2023 Buchwaldoboletus lignicola; Sandringham Estate; TF696285; Coniferophyta; bark; Keith Fox; Jenny Kelly; "New for Norfolk"
18/09/2023 Conocybe aurea; Melton Constable; TG049329; soil; Tony Leech; Tony Leech; "New for Norfolk"

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